Wake up and prepare for the fourth industrial revolution

Wake up and prepare for the fourth industrial revolution

It is time for South Africa to wake up and prepare for the fourth industrial revolution.

Change, especially change driven by technology, is happening much faster than most of us realise and we have to have to prepare for it.

The best way to do this is to change our way of thinking and we hope that our new Design for Future Living Exhibition in the Century City Conference Centre will help people do this.

A good example is the response to the water crisis. This has really shaken up our ideas and there will be evidence of a new way of thinking about water on the show. In fact, it is heartening to see the positive response of business and the City Council.

We have all been guilty of taking things like electricity and water for granted. Many people are still coming to terms with the third industrial revolution (information technology and the digital age) but the challenges of the fourth industrial revolution are going to be even greater.

We have to prepare for a world of robots, driverless electric cars that don’t need servicing and 3D printers. There are huge implications for us as machines take over much of our work and increase our unemployment problem, but new technology also opens up new opportunities and it will create new types of jobs.

The Design for Future Living show will get people thinking and that is the start of change. The show opens on Friday and runs until Sunday.

Janine Myburgh
President of the Cape Chamber

For more information or to buy tickets visit www.design4futureliving.co.za