• IMM Graduate School

    Receive 20% off any online short course offered by the IMM Graduate School Time is precious. And there’s precious little of it. In the hustle of our daily lives, we want the time we invest in something, to count. IMM Graduate School developed a series of online short courses to offer you just that. Loaded like a superfood smoothie, we’ve packed each course full with the essentials to give you what you need to power-up your knowledge and skills in marketing, supply chain and business management. We’ve condensed the information to fit into your on-the-go lifestyle, helping you to make the most of every minute, while maximising your potential. You can start your short course anytime that suits you best. This way, you’ll be able to fit it in and around your busy schedule. However, each course has a certain time frame within which in needs to be completed. Once […]

  • BeyondPossible

    As a fellow Chamber Member, you will receive between 15% discount on all programs for groups when booking 5 or more delegates. What you get: Do you feel that you, your direct reports or employees are performing to their full potential?  Have you undertaken development initiatives, yet experienced little or no behavioural change? Do you have a consistent, robust and sustainable development pipeline process that extends your potential, that of your employees and organisation? Our processes provide the needed backbone to any development initiative allowing for transformation from CEO/MD/Owner through to entry level employee, on a consistent and sustainable basis.  Let one of our experienced transformation specialists visit with you, explore potential application and benefits to you, thus ensuring any application is targeted towards a defined return on investment in yourself, your employee and your company. More about us: BeyondPossible is an official licensee of Leadership Management International in South […]

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