• Cornerstone Connections

    75% off a Powerful Performance Audit (based on human resources best practices). If you are growing organisation with about 30 to 300 employees that would like to unlock workplace performance, then the Powerful Performance Audit may be just the thing you have been looking for. Small and mid-sized organisations that don’t fall into the ‘corporate’ category juggle their priorities with the need to maintain sales and cash flow. Often the business is built on a special product or level of service which must be continued in order to maintain the organisation’s position in the market so the management of people and performance sometimes receives less attention and relies on informal and makeshift processes. In time, as the business grows, those informal processes no longer achieve the right results for the organisation and business leaders begin to look for better ways of working with their people. What you get? A face […]

  • J M Placement Solutions

    R15,000-R30,000 off with JM Placement Solutions Are you looking for a cost effective and speedy solution to find the best new employees for your business?  JM Placement Solutions offers unsurpassed service levels, turnaround times and client satisfaction. Exclusive offer to Cape Chamber members:  Save between R15,000 and R30,000 per placement for a recruitment package offering specialised recruitment, plus free advertising. Included in this special recruitment package offer: •    33% discount* •    Added free benefits: Advertising via multiple online platforms using latest software to source the best possible candidates Consultation to discuss the position/s and company needs Job description and draft advert •    Screening interviews done by an experienced recruitment agent •    Quick turnaround time to receive potential candidates within 1-2 weeks from advertising •    Detailed report and CVs of shortlisted candidates •    Support to schedule interviews and managing communication with potential candidates •    Two reference checks and a criminal fingerprint […]

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