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    Thoughtsmiths offers Cape Chamber members 15% off when signing up for our internationally accredited Coach Training Programmes. What you get: Coaching is today’s critical leadership skill. Old-school management styles of ‘direct and control’ are no longer appropriate in guiding people, teams and organisations through the constant change and complex challenges that are ubiquitous in today’s workplace. In contrast, Leader-coaches engage with their people in ways that enable flexible, intelligent responses to shifting opportunities and challenges. Leader-coaches are catalysts that generate a thinking culture in organisations. The Thoughtsmiths Coach Training programme This ICF accredited coach training programme is an intensive, highly experiential, transformative learning experience. It equips leaders, managers and coach practitioners to have powerful workplace conversations that activate the intelligence of individuals and teams for optimal organisational effectiveness. Who should attend? •    Leaders at all levels of the organisation – CEOs to junior managers •    People in people-development and influencing […]

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