Workplace Relationships Webinars – Episode 3

Workplace Relationships Webinars – Episode 3
  • 19th October 2017
    08:00 - 09:30

A practical knowledge of various aspects of Workplace Relationships will enable you to communicate effectively, cultivate emotional intelligence, resolve conflicts and navigate diverse and difficult personalities, ultimately achieving personal and business goals within a people environment.

Cape Chamber of Commerce & Industry, in collaboration with Professional Skills, bring you a series of 4 Live Interactive Webinars focusing on some of the basic skills and knowledge needed to enable you to effectively navigate the interesting and rewarding aspects of the workplace environment.

Workplace Relationships Webinar – Episode 3

– Team Dynamics – WEBINAR
The workplace is becoming more integrated where different generations come together and inevitably have different generational outlooks on life. Each generation has its unique strengths that might be seen as a weakness by another generation. The same goes for communication styles and what is perceived as core values.

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Speaker profile: Lauren Davis
Professional Skills has successfully brought together some of the best minds and facilitators on professional soft skills under one umbrella, ultimately making this extensive knowledge available for all aspiring young professionals in a cost-effective and time-efficient manner through Live Interactive Webinars.

We run various Live Interactive Webinars enhancing soft skills ranging from Understanding and Managing Workplace Relationships, Enhancing Business Acumen, Developing Leadership and Managerial Skills as well as cultivating entrepreneurial skills.

Lauren Davis, a clinical psychologist, coach and facilitator with extensive experience in leadership development; coaching, team and organisational effectiveness; mentoring programmes; culture development and psychometric assessments, will be the speaker during the 4 series Workplace Relationship Webinars.