Winning Tenders: Dealing with Functionality & Pricing – Workshop

Winning Tenders: Dealing with Functionality & Pricing – Workshop
  • 7th December 2017
    08:30 - 15:45

Competitive Pricing & Functionality are in many cases the difference between winning and losing a Tender.

Tenders are lost due to the failure of dealing effectively with the functionality part, not meeting the minimum evaluation criteria, failure to respond and not prepare the business effectively for tender due diligence.

Course content:
– The Specification & Evaluation Criteria
– Interpretation of the Evaluation Criteria and how to do the scoring
– How to meet the minimum evaluation requirements
– What to do if you don’t meet the minimum evaluation criteria
– How to identify the cost elements of your business and tender
– How to analyse & read the tender document & RFQ responses
– Dealing with the Pricing Schedule & the Specification
– How to ensure that all cost components are been covered
– The Process to Set out the cost components
– How to calculate the cost per component
– How to determine the “Best”/Reasonable price
– Dealing with Penalties & Contingencies
– Tender/Supplier Due Diligence

Event organiser: Helga Smit on 021 402 4300 or email

Speaker profile: Joe Ruiters – The Business Associate
Joe Ruiters is an experienced enterprise & supplier development specialist who combines strategic/tactical business & financial expertise with strong qualifications in business development, operations- and profit & loss management.

As a professional in financial management and procurement management, Joe Ruiters and a team of professionals developed strategies to optimise spend and ensure BBBEEE compliance.



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