Train the Trainer Workshop

Train the Trainer Workshop
  • 28th September 2017
    08:30 - 15:45

Training is a huge organisational cost, and investment in time and effort.

This workshop focuses on developing individuals given the task and responsibility to develop teams to fine-tune the impact of the delivery of training material and standard operating procedures (SOP) for various accreditations in order to ensure real and lasting learning and long term results.

Learning outcomes:
• Create a useful, effective learning environment
• Use the principles of adult learning to improve learning results
• Write learner centred instructional objectives
• Deliver training that meets the learning objectives
• Use effective organization of material to improve the group’s learning
• Effective delivery of SOP’s
• Prepare visual aids that are clear, effective and related to the topic
• Use visual aids without distracting the class – in a professional way
• Eliminate and / or handle training room disasters
• Effectively deal with difficult participant behaviours
• Effectively prepare to deliver a training session
• Lead a training interactive discussion so it meets the desired outcomes for the participant and the intended learning objective
• Skills to ensure good learner interaction and participation
• Teach skills to others that can be replicated correctly
• The importance of ice breakers and attention focusing techniques

Event organiser: Helga Smit on 021 402 4300 or email

Speaker profile:
Lionel Bourgeois,
from Vetta Communication, has a wealth of knowledge in the fields of sales, customer service and management.  Head hunted many times for his professionalism and ability to contribute meaningfully to careers in travel, technology, furniture and construction, he launched into opening VETTA Communication to coach, mentor and train today’s complex workforce.   His mission is to offer all South Africans a clearer understanding of their positions, the need for growth and hope for a bright future.



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