Tea Purveyors and General Office Assistant – Workshop

Tea Purveyors and General Office Assistant – Workshop
  • 5th November 2019
    08:30 - 15:45

Tea ladies and general office assistants play a key role in providing a fundamental service to the company’s customers and staff.

Emphasis is placed on the important requirements of this position coupled with motivation, portraying the correct image and attitude.

This practical workshop focuses on basis communication skills, stock control, cleaning, time management and problem solving.

Learning outcomes:
• Serving visitors at reception to management, for staff and in the boardroom
• Basic setting up for functions/meetings in the boardroom
• Making a positive impression and upholding the image of the company
• Planning and scheduling daily tasks for serving and cleaning offices, bathrooms and the kitchen
• Managing stock effectively
• Completing supportive administrative duties
• Basic life skills

Course content:

Introducing the role
• Job description
• Understand the role and necessity of the position
• Motivation to feel worthy in this position
• Company image, dress code, grooming and personal hygiene
• Positive attitude within self and towards others

Job skills
• Correct tray layout (tea ladies)
• Serving procedures and etiquette
• Correct procedures when entering boardrooms/offices of management
• Understand company standards and hygiene
• Time management and daily schedules
• Cleaning tips for kitchen, bathrooms, boardrooms and offices
• Setting up of boardroom and preparing for meetings
• Crockery and grocery stock control

Communication skills
• Body language and personal space
• Effective communication and listening skills
• Assertiveness and confidence building
• Deal with complaints, conflict and criticism
• Understand cultural diversity
• Understand the importance of customer service
• Think solution not problem

Event organiser: Helga Smit on 021 402 4300 or email helga@capechamber.co.za

Speaker profile: VETTA Internationale

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