Risk versus Reward – The Era of Social Media Disruption

Risk versus Reward – The Era of Social Media Disruption
  • 18th September 2019
    11:00 - 12:30

We all live in an age where “going viral” can inspire fear in the heart of an organisation’s leadership team or improve brand equity overnight.

The Cape Chamber’s Innovation and Digital Portfolio Committee will be hosting an engagement with Ms Debbie Shepard, the founder of Affinity Consulting ZA and InDigital Africa.

In an era where the fluidity of people’s opinions means that you can gain or lose value in a couple of days.  Understanding and managing the risks of social media while capitalising on the rewards can provide a competitive advantage that provides sustainable growth, profitability and brand equity.

So ask yourself some simple questions

  • Do you know how many people have access to your social media accounts?
  • If your brand becomes topical, is it a missed opportunity like Starbucks or Game of Thrones, or are you highly responsive?
  • If you have a ‘code red’ customer complaint, what is your escalation and response protocol?

If you are not 100% sure, it is time to start managing your risk versus reward profile.

Join us for a concise presentation that will provide a practical overview on how to manage social media risk while optimising rewards.

We welcome your attendance and engagement at the meeting.

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