Problem Solving & Decision Making Workshop

Problem Solving & Decision Making Workshop
  • 23rd June 2017
    08:30 - 15:45

What is the difference between Problem Solving & Decision Making?

Problem solving is a method wherein a group or an individual makes something positive out of a problem.

Decision making is a process that is done many times during problem solving. Decision making is the key that will help in reaching the right conclusion in problem solving.

Course content:

Define the problem
• Define the problem according to the verified information
• Rationale for consulting with stakeholders and role-players
• Techniques in the formulation of the problem definition

Investigate the problem
• Investigate the problem to ascertain the various components
• Obtain further information and critically examine all information for relevance to the problem

Generate problem solutions
• Generate possible solutions by using problem-solving techniques
• Identify criteria and use weighting to rank he proposed solutions
• Evaluate possible solutions against the established criteria

Implement Solutions
• Select the optimum solution(s)
• Consult with stakeholders prior to implementation to obtain commitment
• Implement the selected solution(s)

Evaluate the effectiveness of the solution
• Identify criteria for the measurement of the effectiveness of the solutions
• Evaluate the effectiveness of the solution against the criteria
• Identify and apply corrective action

Event organiser: Helga Smit on 021 402 4300 or email

Speaker profile:
The BDCE team comprises competent and professional practitioners with extensive experience in Organisational Development and Human Capital Development.
They work closely with their clients to ensure an outcome-based approach.
Their training programmes have been implemented successfully to a wide variety of clients in numerous industries.

BDCE’s approach is based on adult education principles.
Their training is characterised by interaction and participation as opposed to traditional theoretical courses.
They customise their programmes to meet their clients’ specific training needs.
They provide workshops as well as accredited training through competent facilitators and their QMS includes accredited assessors and moderators.



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