Interpersonal Skills & Emotional Intelligence – Workshop

Poor interpersonal skills can often damage an organisation in terms of lost business, impaired customer relationships and lack of coordination of internal processes. This workshop delivers key concepts and techniques that can immediately be applied to maximise staff interpersonal skills to maintain a competitive advantage. Learning outcomes: • The importance of working together • Character […]

Lunchtime Networking Event – Winelands

Come and join our fellow members at our Networking Event at Devon Valley Hotel in Stellenbosch. This event provides guests with the ideal opportunity to meet fellow members, make valuable new connections and informally network while enjoying light refreshments. You will get the opportunity to promote your product/business while connecting with other like-minded business people. […]

Employment Contracts – Workshop

Learn more about obstacle, challenges, opportunities, fixed-term contracts and service level agreements OBJECTIVES: To equip the participants with an understanding of the importance of the true nature of the underlying relationship between parties. To provide participants with the tool and equip them with the skills to identify the required contractual vehicle that should govern a […]

Warehouse, Storage & Distribution – Workshop

This workshop is mainly aimed at candidates who undertake a variety of warehousing, storage and logistics activities. This training is about the safe and efficient collection, management, storage, handling and dispatch of goods in a warehousing environment. Learning outcomes: • The importance of good stock control • Understanding stock and how it affects all departments […]

Time Management linked with Assertiveness & Personal Productivity – Workshop

Personal productivity training offers a practical look at issues that can either hinder of assist productivity and provides a range of tools for immediate application. This workshop was designed to prepare participants on how to maximise personal productivity within the organisation with a strong focus on time management for improved efficiency and whilst being more […]