Women in Leadership – Workshop

This job relevant course will equip delegates and/or potential leaders, with little or no previous experience, to put good management theory into practice. The course emphasizes the need for personal responsibility while gaining new insight and learning new behaviours to manage the work environment. COURSE CONTENT: 1. Introduction to Women in Leadership 2. Explain the […]

SARS – Business Compliance and Small Business Incentives

The Economic and Finance Portfolio Committee will be hosting an engagement with SARS Western Cape, on current  tax compliance issues and business incentives. Small business in South African plays a vital role in stimulating economic activity, job creation, poverty alleviation and the general upliftment of living standards. According to SARS’ Compliance Programme, overall compliance in […]

Unclouding the cloud: DropBox and other useful cloud apps – Workshop

Cloud technologies will help you and your team work with ease across all your devices – and across the world. It can assist with project management, documentation and collaboration. Applications covered in this course: DropBox is a cloud storage application with added functionality such as sharing of large files or folders with colleagues, clients or […]

Skillful Stock Control – Workshop

Stock controllers represent the pivot point of the business and control the organisation’s largest asset. Pilferage, loss, damage, incorrect paper trails and incorrect stock counts represent huge financial losses. This practical workshop endorses the need for stock and job accountability for accurate stock movement, stock takes and documentation. Learning outcomes: • The importance of good […]

Effective Minute Taking – Workshop

A meeting is any kind of purposeful coming together of people to carry out the business of the company. In most organisations, meetings are seen as a waste of time. Meetings can however be the most productive use of time for groups or teams to make a meaningful contribution and to reach amicable decisions. This […]