Debt Collecting with Assertiveness and Conflict Management -Workshop

The prompt collection of slow paying and overdue accounts is the heart of every businesses’ survival. In so doing, debt collectors have the difficult task of handling customers, coping with conflict, confrontation, negativity and rudeness. Good methodical debt collecting practices for early recovery often prevents unpleasant experiences. This practical workshop will highlight the importance of […]

Intellectual Property: What you need to know about the law

Innovation Initiative Networking Event The Cape Chamber of Commerce’ Innovation Initiative invites you to our first networking event for the year. Are you aware that your intellectual capital could be your businesses’ single biggest asset?  Do you know the difference between a brand and a trademark?  Can you be sure that your business partners will not steal your […]

Payroll Innovation – What makes payroll so intriguingly innovative today?

Today, thanks to the radical leadership of specialized payroll providers, the status quo of the payroll industry have been challenged and world-shattering innovation has found its way to this non-core yet significant function. The Human Resources Portfolio Committee will be hosting an engagement with Mr Antonie van der Hoek, Partner, Business Services and Advisory at […]

Cutting Edge Selling Skills – Workshop

Successful selling takes place, brain to brain, not just face-to-face. Brain-savvy encounters make or break your business. 95% of decisions are made unconsciously. Sales professionals, who can read the clients’ signals and intelligently engage their motivational drivers, can build trust and close the deals. Through understanding compelling facts about the brain in buying mode, delegates […]

Business Bookkeeping Masterclass 2-Day Workshop

This 2-day workshop will help you and your staff understand how your accounting books are constructed from source entry to trial balance. DAY 1: Thursday, 21 February 2019 • Processing – Data & Record Keeping • Financial Administration • Payroll DAY 2: Friday, 22 February 2019 • Basic Accounting • VAT – a basic understanding […]