Cutting Edge Selling Skills – Workshop

Successful selling takes place, brain-to brain, not just face-to-face. Brain-savvy encounters make or break your business. 95% of decisions are made unconsciously. Sales professionals, who can read their clients’ signals and intelligently engage their motivational drivers, can build trust and close the deals. Through understanding compelling facts about the brain in buying mode, delegates learn […]

Recruitment and Selection – Workshop

This workshop is intended for all persons who need to recruit and select candidates to fill defined positions. Course content: Planning and preparing for recruitment and selection • Obtain information on the position (vacancy) • Select or design a selection procedure • Confirm the selection procedure as valid • Identify resources and methods needed • […]

Debt Collecting with Assertiveness and Conflict Management – Workshop

The prompt collection of overdue accounts is the heart of every successful business. Debt collectors have the difficult task of handling customers, coping with conflict, confrontation, negativity and rudeness. Good methodical debt collecting practices for early recovery often prevent unpleasant experiences. This practical workshop will highlight the importance of debt collecting and why retaining customers […]

Managing Multiple Projects & Deadlines – Workshop

Are you wearing too many hats? Do you report to more than one manager? Do you feel like you are always putting our fires? Is stress threatening your effectiveness? Managing multiple tasks and priorities has become a part of our work culture. Every day you are probably juggling a variety of projects, taking on more […]

Perfect your Telephone Etiquette – Workshop

An organisation’s staff members represent the company to the client/customer and the entire public over the telephone. What sort of impression and image are your staff members portraying to the outside world? Course objectives: To equip the delegates with the necessary skills and knowledge in order to enhance the professional image of the organisation. Course […]