Managing Workplace Relationships – Workshop

Managing Workplace Relationships – Workshop
  • 18th May 2018
    08:30 - 15:45

Positive interpersonal relationships are the key to creating positive energy in people’s lives.

When people experience positive interactions they are elevated, revitalised, enlivened and motivated.

Positive relationships also help people perform better in tasks and at work. The performance or an organisation is also enhanced by the presence of positive relationships among its employees.

Employees are more loyal and committed to their work, and to their organisation, when positive relationships exist.

Creativity and innovation are also substantially in the presence of positive relationships.

Course outline:
• The importance of effective communication
• Listening to understand
• The “Listening Continuum”
• Overcoming the barriers to effective communication
• Investing in an Emotional Bank Account
• The “Talking Stick”
• Building trust in all situations
• The “Smart Trust Matrix”
• How to give feedback and still maintain good working relationships
• How to create feedback
• Building a climate of supportive communication
• The two major obstacles to effective interpersonal communication and how to overcome these
• Practical and personal application throughout

Event organiser: Helga Smit on 021 402 4300 or email

Speaker profile: Wilfred Reynolds – isiBindi Facilitation and Training
Wilfred Reynolds from isiBindi Facilitation & Training, has a wealth of experience in the business world. He has freelanced as a training consultant for the past 14 years.
Wilfred’s ability to build rapport across cultural barriers is legendary – he is proficient in English, Afrikaans, isiXhosa and isiZulu – which is a value add to all workshops that he facilitates.



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