Managing Employee Absenteeism Workshop

Managing Employee Absenteeism Workshop
  • 30th March 2017
    08:30 - 15:45

Most companies seem to be losing ground when it comes to employee absenteeism yet the responsibility for managing it has fallen primarily on immediate supervisors.

The supervisors are often the only people who are aware that a certain employee is absent.  They are in the best position to understand the circumstances surrounding an individual’s absence an to notice a problem at an early stage.  Therefore, their active involvement in the company’s absence procedure is pivotal to the overall effectiveness and future success of an absence policy program.

Course outcomes:
•    The role of the supervisors in managing absenteeism
•    Responsibilities of the supervisor
•    The return to work interview
•    Recommend disciplinary procedures if absenteeism continues
•    Challenges in managing absenteeism
•    How to deal with excessive absenteeism
•    Monitoring trends
•    Assessing the problem
•    Finding a solution
•    Preventing absenteeism
•    Developing clear work policies
•    Boost morale and motivation
•    Eliminate destructive conflict and work bullies for better teamwork
•    Give staff purpose
•    Effective communication on day one

Event organiser: Helga Smit on 021 402 4300 or email

Speaker profile:
Lionel Bourgeois, from Vetta Communication, has a wealth of knowledge in the fields of sales, customer service and management.
Head hunted many times for his professionalism and ability to contribute meaningfully to careers in travel, technology, furniture and construction, he launched into opening VETTA Communication some 12 years ago to coach, mentor and train today’s complex workforce.
His mission is to offer all South Africans a clearer understanding of their positions, the need for growth and hope for a bright future.



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