Finance for Non-Financial Managers Workshop

Finance for Non-Financial Managers Workshop
  • 18th July 2017
    08:30 - 15:45

Finance is the language of business. You need to understand it or be labelled as one of the disadvantaged in the business fraternity.

There is a quick and easy way to equip yourself in the underlying principles of finance and get yourself acquainted with all the financial jargon and figures presented to you, whether it’s at a board meeting, via general discussions or financial statements circulated.

Course outcome:
• Understanding financial language and jargon
• Ability to read and understand financial documents
• Understanding profitability vs. cash flow
• Ability to do basic financial ratios
• Statutory aspects of business and entity types
• Audits vs. accounting officers
• Financial strategy and how you can positively influence profitability

Who should attend:
This workshop is suitable for all non-financial managers, non-financial board members, owners/members of small businesses, junior management and management trainees.

Course content:
The workshop will guide you through the basic principles of:
• Understanding financial statements
• Interpreting the balance sheet and income statements
• Understanding cash flow
• Understanding financial jargon such as working capital capex, capital employed, reserves, break-even cost accounting and all the key financial ratios.

Once you have completed the workshop, you will understand:
• How to read financial statements
• Basic double entry accounting
• What effects the bottom-line
• Budgeting and financial forecasts
• Basic financial ratios
• Profitability vs. cash flow
• Elements of the balance sheet, funding and gearing
• Statutory aspects of business and the various entity types
• Auditors vs. Accounting Officials
• Financial strategy and how you can positively influence profitability

Further topics – Client’s request:
• Cost and price built up analysis
• Production analysis
• Trend analysis
• Time value of money
• Capital budgeting
• Cost of capital and the financing decision
• Working capital management

Event organiser: Helga Smit on 021 402 4300 or email

Speaker profile:
Lionel Bourgeois
, from Vetta Communication, has a wealth of knowledge in the fields of sales, customer service and management.
Head hunted many times for his professionalism and ability to contribute meaningfully to careers in travel, technology, furniture and construction, he launched into opening VETTA Communication some 12 years ago to coach, mentor and train today’s complex workforce.
His mission is to offer all South Africans a clearer understanding of their positions, the need for growth and hope for a bright future.



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