Enneagram: Your Natural Blueprint for Success Workshop

Enneagram: Your Natural Blueprint for Success Workshop
  • 5th December 2017
    08:30 - 15:45

The Enneagram is an ancient and powerful profiling tool for getting the best out of our personalities.

This course offers a framework for understanding ourselves – what motivates and challenges us, insights into our core desires and root fears – and how we’re likely to relate to others.
This course reveals our natural blueprint for success, helping us to unlock the secrets behind our behaviour patterns and free us from self-sabotaging behaviour.

Some of the learning outcomes of this course include:
• Identifying one’s specific personality type.
• Greater understanding of self and others.
• Developing greater emotional intelligence.
• Understand one’s natural blueprint for success and how to bring this success back into one’s life.
• Freeing oneself from self-sabotaging behaviour.
• Strengthening relationships and team collaboration.
• Harnessing one’s best traits for optimised results.
• Greater individual and team efficiency and productivity.

Course content:

What is Enneagram?
Introduction to the history of the enneagram, the enneagram model and the 9 personality types.

Enneagram Personality Profiling.
Identifying your specific personality type (enneagram number), with deeper insights into strengths, fears and an overall blueprint for success.

The Success formula
Identifying high potential behaviour patterns and building a personalized success formula for optimized living

Event organiser: Helga Smit on 021 402 4300 or email helga@capechamber.co.za

Speaker profile:
Volker Schlettwein
, from Vetta Communication, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from the corporate business world to the training and development arena. Having had an influential role as a corporate leader in both operations and culture change management, Volker understands the true value of the ‘human resource’ and how to harness this invaluable potential. With a skillset supporting personal development and sustainable positive change, Volker’s passion is optimizing individuals and businesses for success through motivational training, facilitation and life skills coaching.



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