Delegating to Empower – Workshop

Delegating to Empower – Workshop
  • 20th July 2018
    08:30 - 15:45

Empowering one’s employees means that they will be more productive, more satisfied, take more ownership on their work, be more innovative an create higher-quality products and service than un-empowered employees.

Empowering others can be very threatening for many managers because it means giving up control an letting others make decisions, se goals, accomplish results and receive rewards.

Through real empowerment, managers actually multiply their own effectiveness and that of their organisation.

The skill of true empowerment can be learned and developed through effective delegation and certain behavioural guidelines.

Empowerment is leadership in the true sense of the word.

Course outline:
• The meaning of empowerment
• Advantages of true empowerment
• How to develop true empowerment
• Inhibitors of empowerment
• Reasons I would like to delegate
• Reasons why I may not like to delegate
• Deciding when to delegate
• Deciding to whom to delegate
• Tasks and responsibilities I should not delegate
• The process, steps and principles to be followed when delegating to empower
• Practical and personal application throughout

Event organiser: Helga Smit on 021 402 4300 or email

Speaker profile: Wilfred Reynolds, isiBindi Facilitation & Training



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