The Business Case for Substantive Diversity – Workshop

The Business Case for Substantive Diversity – Workshop
  • 22nd October 2019
    08:30 - 15:45

Moving beyond just ticking boxes. Orientation, introducing the concepts of diversity quotient and focusing on diversity intervention as Affirmative Action measure.

Course objectives:
To equip participants with foundational knowledge of what diversity is and how it applies in the context of employment equity in the workplace.

To orientate participants with the business case for diversity, which incorporates elements of building trust and of employment equity, with a focus on enhancing diversity as an Affirmative Action measure. The necessity of facilitating active communication and dialogue between various stakeholders forms an important part of the content.

Course content:
• Definition of “diversity”
• The need of substantive diversity – not just ticking boxes
• The importance of inclusivity in the workplace
• Barriers of diversity
• The benefits of diversity
• Consequences of not being diverse
• The business case for diversity
• Building trust
– Purcell’s model of industrial relations patterns
– The opportunity presented by increased trust in the workplace
– The preconditions for being able to build trust
– Understanding diversity as a core element of trust in employment
• Diversity as an Affirmative Action measure
– Barrier analysis
• Diversity quotient (“DQ”) How to become diversity wise
• Unconscious bias – explanation, relevant types, impact and steps to combat
• Stereotyping – explanation and origins, harmful impact and effect on organisation’s DQ
• Discussion of contentious listed grounds in the EEA in the context of diversity orientation: Gender, Sex, Race Culture & Disability

Event organiser: Helga Smit on 021 402 4300 or email

Speaker profile: Maserumule Consulting

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