Blended Workforce – The modern workforce is evolving

Blended Workforce – The modern workforce is evolving
  • 15th August 2019
    11:00 - 12:30

Did you know that in the USA, 34% of all workers are freelance and in the UK it is 15.6% with 50% of millennials preferring to work as freelancers.

The Chamber’s Human Resources Portfolio Committee invites you to attend an engagement with Ms Kim Filies, a director at Grayfeather Consulting in Cape Town who will discuss the future of our workforce.

The meeting will focus on:

The macro trends affecting the workplace, viz

  • The changing nature of work, workers and organisations.
  • The impact of changes on our workforce composition.
  • The Gig economy and its relevance in South Africa.

Ways in which Human Resource departments should prepare and position blended workforces, including:

  • Strategies to evolve the workforce to a more flexible model.
  • HR philosophy towards the flexible workforce.
  • Preparing managers to utilise flexible workforces.
  • Supporting systems and tools.
  • Legal considerations for implementing blended workforces.

The type of employees and the composition of our workforces are changing – is your organisation ready for the workforce of the future?

We welcome your attendance and engagement at the meeting.

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