Authentic Relating in Your Workplace Workshop

Authentic Relating in Your Workplace Workshop
  • 20th July 2017
    08:30 - 15:45

Authentic Relating was developed as practices to connect communities around the world in both the private, corporate and military spaces.

Emotions and group dynamics often tear teams apart whilst the lack of communication within the workspace is considered to be the biggest downfall due to work pressures and technology.

Authentic Relating ensures that barriers are broken down in a very short time in a safe space. It helps people look inward and realize that a lot of the interpersonal interactions they have with people are entirely in their heads. The connections they make are deep and meaningful and relationships are built in a unique and genuine way.

What are the goals of Authentic Relating work?
• Teach participants relating skills to understand one another on a deeper level.
• In contrast to traditional informational trainings, when learning is engaging and most importantly, experiential, participants embody the ideas much more profoundly and leave with a visceral understanding of powerful concepts.
• Create a lasting feeling of team connection and togetherness to help the bottom line and enhance day-to-day workplace harmony.
• Allow each team member to see each other as a fellow human being, instead of hierarchical positions or organizational labels, creating genuine connection and affinity.
• Facilitate engaging, highly interactive partner and group exercises that demonstrate authentic relating, in turn helping participants better appreciate who they connect with.
• Create a safe space for participants to discover more about ourselves and how they relate to co-workers and the world around them, while exploring potential relational blind spots.
• Pick up where ropes courses, personality assessments and “trust falls”
leave off, offering a deeper alternative for team unity and togetherness.

Who should attend?
All staff – no matter their position

Event organiser: Helga Smit on 021 402 4300 or email

Speaker profile:
Lionel Bourgeois, from Vetta Communication, has a wealth of knowledge in the fields of sales, customer service and management.  Head hunted many times for his professionalism and ability to contribute meaningfully to careers in travel, technology, furniture and construction, he launched into opening VETTA Communication to coach, mentor and train today’s complex workforce.  His mission is to offer all South Africans a clearer understanding of their positions, the need for growth and hope for a bright future.



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