AARTO – Should motorists and transport companies be concerned?

The Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic Offences, more commonly known as AARTO is a set of laws and regulations tabled by the Road Traffic Infringement Agency aimed at improving road safety by implementing stringent protocols to hold motorists accountable for traffic violations. The Chamber’s Transport and Transport Infrastructure Portfolio Committee will be hosting a meeting […]

HR for HR Administrators – Workshop

The shift from traditional personnel management to human resource management has mirrored a growing realisation by organisations of employees’ important contribution within the organisation and that by consolidating this contribution the company can maximize strategic objectives. This workshop emphasizes the strategic role that human resource management plays within the modern-day organisations and outline the key […]

Delegating to Empower – Workshop

Empowering one’s employees means that they will be more productive, more satisfied, take more ownership on their work, be more innovative and create higher-quality products and service than un-empowered employees. Empowering others can be very threatening for many managers because it means giving up control and letting others make decisions, set goals, accomplish results and […]

Basic Accounting to Trial Balance Workshop

This one day workshop will help you and your staff understand how your accounting books are constructed from source entry to trial balance. You will be able to recognise and understand the accounting entries that originate within your own business and enabling a more controlled environment within which your business can operate. Additionally, you will […]

Practical Approach to Financial Administration – Webinar

This webinar introduces a more practical approach to the financial administration of a business, explaining all relevant documents to be completed and kept on file, registrations required and all information to be stored. You will be able to recognise and understand how to ensure your company’s complete compliance with SARS, CIPC and the Department of […]