The Positive Power of Diversity Workshop

Diversity makes a business effective by capitalising on the strengths of every employee. In today’s diverse work environment, understanding each other’s differences, motivations and customs is important to developing strong working relationships. Diversity infuses richness and nurtures strength in the workplace, focusing on respect for all human differences. Diversity is valued for bringing a balance […]

Workplace Relationships Webinars – Episode 3

A practical knowledge of various aspects of Workplace Relationships will enable you to communicate effectively, cultivate emotional intelligence, resolve conflicts and navigate diverse and difficult personalities, ultimately achieving personal and business goals within a people environment. Cape Chamber of Commerce & Industry, in collaboration with Professional Skills, bring you a series of 4 Live Interactive […]

MS Office Training – MS Excel Level 1

Excel can help you organise, calculate, analyse, revise, update and present your data in ways that will help the decision makers in your organisation steer you in the right direction. Of course, you would need to know exactly how to ask Excel the necessary questions before you can even begin to embark on the journey. […]

South Peninsula Networking with a Twist

The South Peninsula Chapter committee would like to invite you to a late afternoon of fun, networking and craft beer tasting at The Range’s October Beer Festival in Tokai. In partnership with The Range we are delighted to present a tasting of the following four breweries: Boston Breweries, Saggy Stone, Darling Brew & Atlantic Storm. […]