Dispute between Mayor and DA comes to a satisfactory conclusion

Dispute between Mayor and DA comes to a satisfactory conclusion

The Chamber is pleased that the dispute between the Mayor of Cape Town, Ms Patricia de Lille and the DA appears to have come to a satisfactory conclusion.

It means that we can once again concentrate of the really important issues for the City rather than these distracting sideshows.

We’ve assured the City of the Chamber’s support for good governance although this support could take the form of constructive criticism where necessary.

Note that Ms De Lille said she would concentrate on land issues in the three months until her resignation came into effect. I hope this means that there will be a focus on the three old and underused airfields in the City. Young’s Field, Wingfield and Ysterplaat are ideally situation for housing within easy commuting range of the City and the main industrial areas. The Defence force doesn’t need them because it has a modern airfield at Langebaan Road and the main airport is to be enlarged and upgraded.

This underused land is an opportunity to solve one of the City’s biggest problems that stemmed from apartheid special planning. Making this land available for housing would also be a massive boost for building, jobs and the local economy.

Janine Myburgh
President of the Chamber