The Design for Living expo is back:  23 – 25 June 2017

Having attracted over 100 000 visitors in its heyday, it was the must-see event on the calendar for everyone interested in seeing the latest in utilitarian products for home, work and play For more information download the Design For Future Living Brochure.

Positioned for Today

Times have changed. And so have we – the expo is now called Design for Future Living, yet still offers the same value proposition, but one that has been repositioned for the times we now live in, whether described as the age of connected technology or “the internet of things”.

Everything has Changed yet Nothing has Changed

The Design for Living name is a heritage brand; it is part of the consciousness of a large section of the Cape Town community who are actively looking for ways to enhance their lifestyle. Although there are expos that focus on home and decor, there is nothing that focuses on lifestyle, let alone how our lives have changed in the new economy.

Bringing the Future Forward

Lifestyle has become more than household goods and decor. Today, there are many challenges and opportunities that present themselves to consumers, with technology as the major proponent for change. There are new horizons for optimising our life, whether reinventing our living or working space, taking care of our health, enjoying the arts, discovering the latest in food and fashion trends, making leisure time more rewarding or harnessing technology itself.

Interested in partnering with the Design for Future Living?

The Cape Chamber of Commerce and Industry is seeking relevant partnerships for Design for Future Living. Please contact the Secretariat for more information.

Multiplicity of Products; Exciting Experiences

The Design for Future Living expo exhibits and promotes innovative solutions to the real challenges of life and living. It is the veritable one stop shop for anything and everything that improves and enriches the quality of life for our visitors, be they young techies or empty nesters.

A Trusted Partnership

The expo is owned by the Cape Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Established in 1804, the Cape Chamber is the oldest member-based organisation in Africa, mandated to serve, enable and lead business in the region.

Sponsors and Exhibitors

There are various tiers of sponsorship packages available, and the exhibition rate card is available on request. We expect all packages to be sold out.

Contact Us Today

For additional information, please contact Denise Kolbe on +27 21 402 4300 or