Design for Future Living Exhibition

Design for Future Living Exhibition

Everything is changing and we are in danger of being left behind. We have to come to terms with tomorrow so be prepared for an extraordinary encounter with the future at the Design for Future Living Exhibition at the Century City conference centre in September this year.

The Cape Chamber of Commerce and Industry is re-inventing its legendary Design for Living show because it has never been more important for both businesses and customers to plan ahead and anticipate change.

The show will give people a chance to adjust their ideas and thinking to a future that was unimaginable when the DFL first opened its doors in the Good Hope Centre in 1980.

At that time the idea of making a video phone call, in full colour, to someone in another country with a device the size of your cheque book was something not even the science fiction writers had thought of. In addition the device is also a camera, a radio, a recording machine, a computer and an instant link to an unlimited supply of knowledge via the internet. Captain Kirk of the Star Ship Enterprise would have given his left-arm for one of our smart phones.

Change is happening so fast that we ignore it at our peril. In fact, the speed of change is increasing and we need to take stock because it could touch every aspect of our lives.

We live in a different world from the one reflected in the old Design for Living shows and we realised we needed a new kind of exhibition, hence the concept of Design for Future Living.

The original DFL brought the exhibition industry from the agricultural sheds of the Goodwood show grounds into the heart of the city and now we are taking a step into the future.

Not surprisingly the show will feature a lot of technology, advances in “green living” mobility, décor with modern form and function, transformative design, travel, urban living, education, health and wellness, financial and physical security, leisure, gaming and a lot more.

We believe the D4FL creates opportunities for forward-thinking businesses to display their innovative solutions to the problems of today and tomorrow, and to meet each other in an incredible three days of high power networking. For customers it will be an opportunity to jump the queue to obtain products of the future, today.

For more information call Denise Kolbe on 021 402 4300 or email, or check our website

Janine Myburgh
President of the Cape Chamber

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