Chamber welcomes Dan Plato as the City’s Mayor

Chamber welcomes Dan Plato as the City’s Mayor

The Chamber has welcomed the nomination of Mr Dan Plato as the City’s new Executive Mayor.

He is well respected and he has more than 20 years of experience in local government both as an official and as a leader. We can now look forward to a calmer and more productive management of the City with fewer storms and distraction. Also important is that he has worked well with the Deputy Mayor, Mr Ian Nielson.

Mayor Plato has done the job before and his experience in many areas of the City’s administration makes him the most knowledgeable “new” mayor for many years. In addition, his service in the provincial cabinet has equipped him well to deal with the new challenges the City faces.

We need some major repair work to our image after the recent drought. We need to rebuild the film industry and get tourism back onto a growth path.

The City and the Province have worked together well to grow the local economy and he is ideally placed to continue this work. The Chamber congratulates him and I would like to assure him that he has the full support of the Chamber and business for this important work.

Janine Myburgh
President of the Cape Chamber