Chamber supports farmers movement

Chamber supports farmers movement

For too long the farmers of the country have been the invisible victims of crime and the Chamber supports their bid to bring their desperate plight to the attention of the public and the authorities.

Farmers are among the most productive members of the community but they live in isolated homes and are vulnerable. We should do everything possible to deal with this scourge of violence and robbery.

Agriculture is a vital part of the economy, particularly in the Western Cape, and farmers need better protection and support. The murders we read about are not isolated events but seem to be part of a growing trend of violent crime.

Farming is a labour intensive industry and many workers and their families also suffer. They are all vulnerable and if farming operations are disrupted they can lose their jobs. A single murder has far-reaching effects both in terms of human suffering and in terms of the economic damage it does to many lives.

Janine Myburgh
President of the Chamber