Change a child’s life – get onto the Front Seat Programme

What is the Front Seat Programme?

It is there to change a child’s life with an experience they will never forget.

The flights we take bookings for are ultra short haul, which usually requires only one pilot. In a fixed wing aircraft, when there is only one pilot, he/she is the captain, and sits on the left. That means the co-pilot (or first officer) seat on the right is free. In rotary wing aircraft (i.e. helicopters), it is the other way around.

On certain of our flights, we have the co-pilot seat available. You can sponsor a child in grade 8 and above with the following experience:
•    They will be collected from their home and driven to the airfield
•    They will be given a goodie bag, that will contain amongst other things, a co-pilot’s cap.
•    They will meet the captain who will go through a brief safety drill with them.
•    They will fly to the destination and back in the co-pilot’s seat, or in certain circumstances, will be driven one of the legs.
•    After the flight, they will receive a certificate of accomplishment from the Chamber, bearing the sponsoring company’s company name.
•    They will be chauffeured home.
•    And they will have had an experience they’ll remember for the rest of their lives!!

Businesses can use this opportunity to:
•    Offer an incentive to an employee’s child
•    Strengthen their community ties
•    Get exposure on social media
•    Introduce aviation as a career choice
•    Reward a child
•    Give a birthday present
•    Broaden their CSI efforts and social media reach.

Currently only available in Cape Town and Saldanha area.