Consumer Price Index – March 2015

The  headline CPI for all urban areas (annual inflation rate) in March 2015 was 4,0%. This rate was 0,1 of a percentage point higher than the corresponding annual rate of 3,9% in February 2015. On average, prices increased by 1,4% between February 2015 and March 2015. The provinces with an annual inflation rate lower than […]

New visa legislation can dent tourism

THE tourist industry is becoming increasingly concerned about the impact of the new visa regulations and the requirements for unabridged birth certificates for children travelling with their parents, says the Cape Chamber of Commerce and industry. “Tourism in the Western Cape is one of the big success stories of the new South Africa but these […]

Dealing with the consequences of Xenophobia

DEALING with the consequences of the problem we call Xenophobia is an on-going challenge but we will have little real success until we deal with the root causes, says Ms Janine Myburgh, President of the Cape Chamber of Commerce and Industry. “While we battle xenophobia, Europe is experiencing massive problems with refugees from Africa. Thousands […]

Municipality’s ordeal

I WAS interested to note that Public Enterprises Minister Lynne Brown blames municipalities for some of Eskom’s financial woes. She has a point. Some municipalities have been collecting revenue from the sale of electricity but using it for their own purposes instead of passing it on to Eskom. The point she didn’t make is that […]

Issuing of City Council’s rates clearance certificates resolved

DELAYS and bottlenecks in the issuing of City Council’s rates clearance certificates have been resolved after the Mayor intervened at the request of the Cape Chamber of Commerce and the Cape Law Society’s property law committee. The problem arose after the process was computerised in October last year and glitches in the system caused major […]