Nearly 47% of businesses intend to invest in renewable energy [Survey results]

Nearly half the businesses in Cape Town are planning to generate their own electricity and reduce dependence on Eskom supplies, according to a survey of members of the Cape Chamber of Commerce and Industry. They were answering the question: “Do you intend to invest in renewables to generate some or all of your electricity and […]

The Effect of the Economy on Business [Survey results]

The Chamber recently issued a survey questioning, The effect of the economy on business, to its 3500+ email subscribers. The questions asked covered issues of red tape, business’ plans to cut costs, postal services, traffic related issues and the effect they’ve had on business. Below are links to download the media releases based on the […]

Two-capital system to end in order to save money could negatively effect Cape Town economy

The announcement by the State President that urgent attention will be given to ending the two-capital system in order to save money could have a negative effect on the Cape Town economy if Pretoria is chosen as the capital. This  has been a concern to local business for many years but I hope we have […]