Eskom tariff increase could worsen their financial situation

In a presentation to the National Energy Regulator, Mr Sid Peimer, Executive Director of the Chamber, said tariff increases would make more Eskom customers decide to turn to solar power and this would erode Eskom’s customer base. “This is not a prediction. It is happening and at an increasing rate because it makes commercial sense. […]

Consumer Price Index – October 2015

Headline consumer price index for October was 4,7% (CPI for all urban areas) Annual consumer price inflation was 4,7% in October 2015, up from 4,6% in September 2015. The consumer price index increased by 0,3% month-on-month in October 2015, (1,4%). The contributing factors included: Transport contributed 0,1 of a percentage point, goods increased by 3,7% […]