Genes, memes and your survival

Genes, memes and your survival The term ‘meme’ was popularised by Richard Dawkins in his book The Selfish Gene. The reason that our genes are ‘selfish’ essentially boils down to survival of the fittest – your genes are selfish, because they want to replicate themselves. That’s why ‘a chip off the old block’ sounds so […]

The power of social proof

The power of social proof Mrs Keech (a pseudonym) was gifted with automatic writing. Basically she got messages from The Guardians of outer space, and would share the information with a small group who also believed the messages to be real. It became a serious matter when one day The Guardians advised Mrs Keech that […]

Is brand loyalty eroding for tech products?

Is brand loyalty eroding for tech products? Today we have seen the introduction of what was unthinkable ten years ago. This includes everything from biometric socks and other ‘wearables’ to 3D printers, drones, robotics, virtual reality, driverless vehicles and TVs where the clarity is best described as ‘breath-taking’. However, in a Brandwatch Report as far […]

There’s money in connectivity

There’s money in connectivity Certain instances aside, such as when you’re driving with your spouse, it’s nice to know how you’re performing. The ubiquity of digital media has provided us with a treasure chest of data allowing us to ‘see’ what’s happening when we’re nowhere near what’s happening. This has brought a new value proposition […]