Drastic reduction in Guateng Toll fees almost certainly means no tolls in CT

THE drastic reduction in E-toll fees in Gauteng almost certainly means that there will be no tolls roads in Cape Town, says the Cape Chamber of Commerce and Industry. “Precedents have been set and the 50% discount and exemptions for public transport and mini-bus taxis will make toll roads a lot less attractive for the […]

New visa regulations, “Concern is not enough”

THE Cape Chamber of Commerce and Industry welcomed the concern expressed by the Minister of Tourism on the negative effects on tourism of the new visa regulations. “Unfortunately concern is not enough,” said Ms Janine Myburgh, President of the Chamber. “We need action. We need to postpone the implementation of the visa regulation and the […]

New road and driving regulations will be pointless

THE existing road and driving regulations are not working because they are not being enforced and new regulations will be pointless until there has been a drastic improvement in enforcement, says The Cape Chamber of Commerce and Industry. “To give you an idea of how hopeless enforcement is, I can tell you that our provincial […]