The Atlantis Green Tech Special Economic Zone

The Atlantis Green Tech Special Economic Zone

The Atlantis Green Tech Special Economic Zone is one of the most imaginative development projects we have seen in a long time.

Renewable energy, efficiency and clean technologies add up to a new growth industry with almost unlimited potential. What’s more the timing is right and we are well placed to take the lead in this country and in the African continent.

It’s ironic that the increasing tariffs for Eskom electricity are making reliable energy more viable. Eskom may be turning away from renewable energy but this is giving distributed generation a boost and there are many customers for renewable energy and off-grid projects.

In Africa the electricity infrastructure is poor and this makes own generation and off-grid projects extremely attractive to commerce, industry and domestic consumers. There are now doubts about the future of “the big power station, big grid model” and many African countries are going to find big advantage in by-passing the traditional and expensive model for electricity distribution and going straight to distributed generation and micro-grids.

There is a new green and sustainable approach to energy and Atlantis and the Western Cape will be perfectly positioned to take full advantage of the change and it will bring considerable benefits to the local community and the unemployed of the region.

Janine Myburgh
President of the Cape Chamber